November 11, 2020

       The United States of America is known for many things.  There are some pretty obvious ones: freedom, bald eagles, Ford, Chevy, Budweiser, World War champs, red white and blue, Toby Keith, football, fast food, burgers, blue jeans, Coca Cola, Pepsi, “drink to get drunk”, and Snickers.  Just to name a few. But why Snickers?  Hershey’s was the first ever American chocolate bar to come out.  Reese’s, Baby Ruth’s, Butterfingers, Mr. Goodbar, Oh Henry’s, and probably some more American chocolate bars all came out before the Snickers Bar in 1930.  So why do I say Snickers is the most American candy bar?  Well two reasons besides the fact it uses the colors red white and blue.  First, it is the number one selling candy bar in the US today.  That right there should be enough evidence, but have you ever asked yourself this, “what is the most American candy bar?” or “ if America was a candy bar, which one would it be?” Now I understand you are reading this blog so your answer is tainted for or against me at this point.  So go ask anyone right now.  Your coworker, a stranger next to you, or that homeless guy at the corner you always catch the red light at and you know he is looking at you but you keep looking straight ahead awkwardly.  Without any context at all, just ask them, “What is the most American candy bar?”  It’s Snickers every single time. 

I don’t really have an explanation as to why, but it is.  And I love it.  God Bless America. God Bless the Snickers bar.

 By: Dr. Steve Corn

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Our Muff 'Spenders are made to fit a wide range of variety types. The straps easily adjustable for more length. 

We recommend this sizing based on height: 

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