August 12, 2021

I say Carhartt you say White Claw?

             While growing up in small town Iowa, I learned pretty quickly that Carhartt was the brand for the farmers and the blue-collared men out there. Townies did not wear Carhartt. We aren’t out there wrasslin’ pigs and bailin hay for a livin'.  Our chores consist of mowing the lawn and taking out the trash. Don't get me wrong, it took grit to carry all the trash in one trip to the curb, but that didn't earn us the stripes to wear Carhartt. 

             I started wearing one of their hats when I went out to the country to drink with my pals.  I would rarely wear it during the day around town. I wasn't a crazy man. It was kinda like stolen valor if I wore it in public. Didn't want to upset the old timers that are luggin down black coffee in the parking lot at Caseys. They know I ain’t filling up my ’99 Oldmobile to go work on the farm. I was a town kid. Out on the farms and drinking in the barns is when I could get away with it.

             First year of college: no one but the Ag boys would wear Carhartt. So half of everyone at Iowa State. Every winter following that, more and more girls, especially the sorority girls were wearing the hats.  Then the frat boys began to wear the hats, and it was evident that this was a new fashion. Cause you know, once one frat boy rocks it, the rest of the frat boys gotta hop on that train. And that was my que to leave the Carhartt station. I mean come on, Rihanna is wearing it now?!


             I know the old guys back home don’t realize that their hard-working clothing brand is now a fashion trend.  I’m curious to see what Carhartt does in the future. Will Carhartt be for the callused hands or will it be for the young hipsters? When you see the Carhartt logo, do you think white claw or busch light?! Should the rural folk be freaking out? Am I freaking out?! Is our entire culture being taken from us?!  What’s next?

Imagine being the owner of Carhartt now.  Just waking up one morning and finding out your company is the #1 blue-collar and #1 hipster clothing company in the U.S.

Now imagine being the owner of Carhartt in 2069. Just waking up one morning and finding out Muff Waders is buying out your company.

 By Dr. Steve Corn

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