May 01, 2022

Let me introduce you to the greatest motivational speech of all time. One that very few have heard, but one that many need to hear. It’s among the greats… “Ask not what this country can do for you…”, “I have a dream…”, “One small step for man…” and of course we can’t forget to include John Daly’s, “Nicotine plus caffeine, that’s my protein”.

But there is one motivational speech that stands above all. Good luck not running through a brick wall after hearing this: 


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You’re welcome. How’s it feel to be inspired? To be motivated? To be turned on!? Now go kill the day you cocksuckers. It’s Monday bitch.

The Transcript:

“It’s Monday cocksuckers, and you better come prepared because they don’t fuck around on Monday. Monday, most people come in, “I had such a great weekend oh my gawd.. I.. my friends are so…” Go fuck yourself. That was then; this is now bitch. It’s a whole new set of rules. It’s Monday. If you ain’t waking up with the taste of blood in your fucking mouth like a shark 5 feet from the shore, you fucked up. You understand me? Because Monday is when you go. Everybody else is like.. still from the weekend. You fucking go eat their fucking lunch. They don’t even know. They’re not even thinking right, but you’re out the box like a fuckin fireman. You understand me?”

 Here is some more gold from Uncle Joey:


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 By: Dr. Steve Corn

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