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Muff Wader

Muff Wader Features

  • Tough material
  • Six-pack cooler on chest
  • Two pockets located on the side of the leg that can hold 1/5 of liquor, a bottle of wine, etc. nice and snug.
  • Muff Mug (Magnetic Koozie)
  • Metal Bottle opener
  • Hidden/Concealed Pocket

Size Recommendations: 

We recommend these size Muff Waders according to your height.  Note that these coveralls are meant to fit a variety of body types. 

Medium: 5'5"-5'9"

Large: 5'8"-6'2"

X-Large: 6'1"-6'6" 

NOTE! X-Large Brown, X-Large Black, and Large Black are currently out of stock. If you order one of those options, you will not receive it until spring. We will know an exact date in the near future.