March 30, 2019

So as the top brass dignitary chancellor of muff waders they have taken us to some interesting places in the last month. One thing that has caught my eye is the quality of hotness in different locations. For instance we were in New York the girls in new York are HAWT……. comparatively you take a 7 in New York bring her to Iowa all of a sudden you have a ten on your hands bingo! Bango! Bongo! It also works both ways you take a 7 in Iowa, take her to New York and you all of sudden got your self a 5 on your hands. Here is where things get really interesting how does it equate to the crazy hot scale.
Once you take a 7 from a small town to a place like New York you than have an issue she goes the exact opposite on the crazy scale. Lets do some math 7-2=5(hotness) according to our chart above that lowers her crazy to 5 except she turns it up to 9. You cannot even go get a drink without her going bonkers about something or someone. Now you have a 5 hot on your hands with a 9 crazy which leads to a multitude of problems. . Advise to the wise date a lower scaled girl in a higher end market and your sitting in the clear anywhere in the world. That being said the crank bait is a 10 on all scales especially the ruler.
By: Big Daddy Crank Bait

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Muff Waders & Muff 'Spenders Sizing

Our Muff Waders are made to fit a wide range of variety types. The straps on the shoulders are easily adjustable for more length. The hip buttons allow for more waist room when unbuttoned.

The sizing was made so folks have room to wear clothes underneath.

We recommend this sizing based on height: 

Medium: 5'5"-5'11"  |  Large: 5'10"-6'4"  |  X-Large: 6'3"-6'7" 





Our Muff 'Spenders are made to fit a wide range of variety types. The straps easily adjustable for more length. 

We recommend this sizing based on height: 

Small: 5'5"-6'0"  |  Large: 6'1" -6'6"